Project Description


UniFlyer is an event platform both for managers and clients. I designed and realized the Android app, iOS app and the site, that includes the main management platform for event creators.

The project is entirely developed thinking about scalability, supporting multiple cities and multiple countries.

UniFlyer was created with the collaboration of University Equipe and I don’t take part of the project anymore.


Android programming
Android app design
iOS programming
iOS app design


Android Native Application
iOS Native Application
App Design
Web Development
Web Design


2 months and a half (Android app)
3 weeks (iOS app translate)
2 weeks (website)




Events easy to search

UniFlyer can manage multiple events categories and show them to the public based on a week, week-end division.

Based on an intelligent algorithm the app shows you the events that you could like more and notify you about them.

Find new events near your position

Check the map to see where the events are located.

UniFlyer uses Google Maps SDK both for iOS and Android.

Login with Facebook and create your events

UniFlyer is connected with Facebook Login. Once you logged in you can save your favorites events and be notified about them.

With the Group function you can organize with your friends and have a private chat room.

You can also create and manage your events inside the app or in the site.

Don’t miss the event you’ve choose

Check out the event details to find usefull informations and get map details about how to arrive to the event.

If you are the event creator you can see a lot of statistics about your event like how many people are interested and what kind of events the usually like.

Chat with other people interested in the event

Every event has it’s own chat room where people can organize themselves and ask informations about the event.

Private chat rooms can be created with the Groups function, that help people to enjoy the events together.

Let’s Work Together

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