Project Description


Mestick links your selfies with your position in a complete and innovative social network where you can add your friends and interact with them in multiple ways.

The platform is property of Mestick S.r.l., I completely developed the iOS app and translated it for Android, including the backend server part. I also took part in the development of some part of the website.


iOS programming
Android programming


Android Native Application
iOS Native Application
App Design
Web Development
Web Design


4 months (iOS app)
3 weeks (Android app translate)




See your friends on the map

From the Mestick map you can see where selfies were shared. Also find new places by looking near suggest places by Mestick.

You could also be near a picture someone has taken previously. In that case Mestick will allow you to see his selfie and his profile if it’s not private.

Get the last news on the notification center

Mestick is integrated with Apple Push Notification and Google Firebase to provide push notification in both systems.

You’ll be notified if someone likes your pictures or was in the same point you took a picture. People can also leave selfies at your home and you’ll be able to see them when your at home.

It’s not funny without friends!

Search your friends that already use Mestick or invite them from your contacts phone or from Facebook.

You can see who people follow or are followed by and see their profile if they choose to have a public one.

Edit your pictures

Mestick contains a powerful picture editor that has a lot of filters, regulations and you can sign your picture with the innovative Sign function.

You can also add emoticons, text or draw on your image to completely personalize it.

See your friends profile

You can see all the pictures your friends have on Mestick and let them know you like them.

If you think someone is behaving inappropriately you can report them and the Mestick team will review your suggestion.

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