Project Description


The iOS app Coffy allows group of friends to hang out in an easy and fast way. There are a lot of activities suggested by the app.

The native app was developed by me based on the requests of a company, it uses an external server and a database.


iOS Development


Native iOS app
App Design


2 months

Let’s go Coffy

Choose one of the many activities proposed by Coffy and organize with your friends.

If you don’t like any of the activities you can choose a custom one.

Fast and intuitive

Coffy sends you a notification if one your friends would prefer a different place or a different activity, everything is always visible and fast because Coffy is thought to be simple and effective.

Chat with organization functions

Coffy’s chat includes some functions that make it faster to hang out with your friends. As example if there are some problems choosing the place or the time of an activity, people can vote their favourite option and solve the problem.